Friday, August 3, 2007

The Very First KCO Contest!

Thanks to Sam in London for the idea...

We're throwing our very first Kidnapped Can Opener contest!
ETA: We have a couple of prizes! Email the Head Kidnapper if you are crafty or just want to offer a prize, and have something you would like to donate!
So! Ready? Here's the details:
  1. We are looking for a name for the can opener. It is a regular old can opener, silver with black rubberized handles, and a bottle opener in the end of it. It actually is a pretty fancy schmancy can opener. We can see why Mr. X-Man liked it so much! :)
  2. Please leave your suggestions for the name in the comments of this post by Sunday, August 12th at MIDNIGHT PST.
  3. In case of duplicates, we'll put all the people who picked the winning name into a hat and draw one.
  4. Any questions? As always, email Head Kidnapper here.
  5. ETA: Sachi has generously donated a set of her stitch markers! (For those non-knitters, you could make them into earrings? Or you could give them to a very grateful knitter!) Also, the Head Kidnapper has offered an item from the Cafe Press store!

Let's name this Can Opener!

Happy Friday everyone! Unless something uber-exciting comes up over the weekend, you'll have radio silence from us until Monday.


Sassy Knitter said...

Name -

U. R. Screwed

mehitabel said...


Rabbitch said...

Miguel. I just think it should be named Miguel.

For no reason at all.

Rabbitch said...

Oh no! I have a far better one.

Tin O'Penner (or Can O'Penner?)

I don't know -- these things just come to me. It's a gift.

Rabbitch said...

Hang on, hang on. This is the last one.

His first name has to be Khan (maybe his mother was a Star Wars fan).

Khan O'Penner.

There. I'm either brilliant or pissed as a newt. Your call.

Carol said...

I favor Macho McShithead, meself.

Either that, or Ben Dover.

5elementknitr said...

Khan Topen

Because the "original owner"

can't open

w/o it!

And because I like Rabbitch's idea about Khan, altho I think it's Star Trek?

Tinkerdink said...

How about....

Herman Can

(like her MAN can)


M.T. Can


Abby HoffCAN (just an old hippy looking for a lid...)

OK, OK....I'll stop now.

jimintoronto said...

Jeeves - because 'he' is opening the tin for you, as any good butler would. You're not having to hack at it with a screwdriver and hammer to get it opened...

Or Brabinger - another butler-ish name.

Gives it some class - unlike Mr. Man...

Helen said...

Liz R. Stillon

(as in lids) b/c it's not just cans ... it's bottles too!
And, well, while we've got her, the can opener isn't taking off any lids, is she?

Anonymous said...

Can T'Havet

Sheila Z

Anna-Liza said...

I vote for Rabbitch's. Er, her last one. I also vote for "pissed as a newt."

WineGrrl said...


Jennifer said...

Mr. Pink. Just feeling a bit "Reservoir Dogs" today.

pacalaga said...

Odd that my first thought was Ramon, given that Miguel was suggested as well.

Wishi Twaza Poptop.

marie said...

Ok, now I know this is stupid, but I have to give it a shot anyway.

Kasey O (an in K.C. O.)

Zardra said...


No reason.

kathy c said...

Mr. Pierce

Aidan said...

I know I'm too late, but how about "Candace Openheimer"?

Anonymous said...

Latin for "Famed Warrior"

Plus you never hear of a kid named Aloysius. Thank goodness.