Wednesday, August 8, 2007

OKAY! To make things clear...

We put all the names into a hat.

Because we are blogpoll disabled, apparently, we were unable to post more than 5 names. The poll is on the upper right hand corner of the blog, vote away! Voting closes at 2:15PM (west Coast Time) on Friday, so hurry hurry hurry!

BUT! To soothe the savage beasts, we will be putting everyone whose name choice(s) did NOT make it into the poll into a hat and we'll give the lucky so-and-so a prize. Maybe some fiber? If you're not a knitter/crocheter/spinner, we'll find you something :)

SO! Run run run as fast as you can, and vote vote vote! We'll give a prize to the person who suggested the winning name, and maybe one to a couple of runners-up!

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