Friday, August 3, 2007

And, so it begins. :)

The Can Opener has left the building.

Yesterday, the ransom note was mailed to the original owner (who called that Certain Someone on the telephone, laughing hysterically) and our "victim" began its epic "kidnapping" journey to wherever the winds may take it. (Or wherever the Head Kidnapper has it scheduled to go. She is ORGANIZED, y'all.)

From a post office in Mill Creek, WA to Sachi in Port Orchard, it flies flies away. Or drives in a mail truck.

It is not too late to join our giant kidnapping ring! (Wait until some random policeman Googles that. That would be bad.) Send an email to our Uber Organized Head Kidnapper and join in the fun!

Photos will be forthcoming. The HK, she is organized, but also has misplaced her memory card reader :D

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