Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Has it really been 3 weeks?

Ok, no seriously. It's been 3 weeks.

People got sick, some people knew other people getting married and dying and having's a regular circle of life on both coasts of Mr Pink's headquarters.

But seriously, ladies and germs, we are still here. And Mr. Pink is out there somewhere...currently in Washington DC touring our lovely nation's capital, as far as we know.

AND! On November 3rd...well, I'll let the MezzoDiva explain:

Hi there!

I just want to confirm that Mr. Pink will be visiting the Toronto area in time to make his guest appearance with me at the Hospice Thornhill cabaret/popera fundraiser on November 3rd. Please notify me if his itinerary includes this event. I need to know because I am planning to work him into the act, probably performing a duet or two.

Also, if anybody has some appropriately sizes (doll?) clothes, I could use some assistance in providing Mr. Pink with appropriate attire for this event: it is a
black-tie optional affair, so a suit and tie will suffice, though a tuxedo would
be ideal. Does anybody on your end have something that might be about his

Knitterly Regards,
MezzoDiva the Operatic Knitaholic

So if anyone out there has a tuxedo they can loan Mr. Pink for his stage debut, let us know at theCanOpenerKidnapper AT gmail DOT com.

And we'll be back to posting our updates as they hit our "newsroom". Cheers!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Alrighty All you Los Angeleans...

Or Los Anglicans or whatever you people call yourselves over there in the Los Angeles, California area....


Mr. Pink is headed your way. Soon.

Since there are about 25 of you in the greater Los Angeles area, this will be one of several visits that Mr. Pink will make, as he is scheduled to wing his way to Washington DC in mid-late October, and I would hate to interrupt any revelry you may have planned.

In fact, I may have to go out and purchase a stand-in, because Mr. Pink seems to be double-booked with Rhinebeck and toga parties, and some sort of fraternity prank that I really don't understand, but will nod and smile when someone tries to explain.

SO!! The point of this post is: All of you lovely peoples down in LA, please leave a comment on this post, and we're going to try and arrange some sort of meet and greet with y'all so you can all meet each other and possibly make some new friends.

Because I don't know about you, but I could always use another friend that "gets" this whole can opener kidnapping thing. :)

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Mr. Pink with FiberQat

Another update from the FiberQat...sounds like a busy couple of days!

Day 2
Those of us in the vicinity of Mr Pink have realized that he has been sorely neglected. His social skills are much to be put up with so we have put it upon ourselves to expose him to social situations that will help him learn to become a much more acceptable member of society.

Sunday was chorus rehearsal day. When he heard he was going to have to listen to a chorus, Mr Pink groaned, indicating that he didn't want anything to do with church or anything like that. We assured him that the chorus he would be listening to was not a church chorus but a community chorus that liked to have a lot of fun and laughs. It turns out that Mr Pink is a budding percussionist and got into the rhythm of many of the songs. He was excited to learn that he was going to be touring with them the next weekend. After an exhausting rehearsal, we settled down to an evening of watching Mike Rowe's Dirty Jobs.

Day 3
Mr Pink discovered that his captor works a desk job in a cubicle farm. "Much like a utensil drawer!" he commented. "Where are the whisks and the bottle opener?" Seeing that he could jump in and out of the cubicle, his captor put the sheep in charge of Mr Pink while she got down to the business at hand. While the boss is away, the mice certainly can't play.

Day 4
We discover that Mr Pink has been playing video poker on line in the night while we have been asleep. This did not please the captor, so Mr Pink went with her to the dentist. "See these tools? They can go through enamel like nothing! Think what they could do to you!" Mr Pink was sulky. "I was ahead forty three bucks," he whined. "I could have bought you some yarn." "There are better ways of earning yarn money," we said. "Powell's Books takes in used books for sale." At the sight of Powell's Mr Pink sighed. He wondered if there were volumes on the history of kitchen utensils with glossy pictures. "I've always loved the lines of a wall-mounted Swing-A-Way," he murmured.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Mr. Pink at OFFF

Apparently ladies and germs, we have a celebrity on our hands. People recognizing Mr. Pink in the wild? Seriously. With paparazzi and everything.

Check out the Sunday report from his current captor, FiberQat:

I have posted pics of the KCO in my album at
The other Knitbloggers have photos as well.

Today's jaunt through OFFF started with meeting up with the PDX Knitbloggers, a group based in Portland OR which is composed of blogging knitters. I had left to reap the bounty of OFFF but heard from my buds that the KCO had arrived. I headed back then to fetch the KCO who was cooking in the sun. It had had a tiring
morning so it took time to rest in some of the roving I had picked up.

After some time spent chatting, spinning, and resting up for the next jaunt, the KCO and I headed for the barns. One knitter spotted the KCO and exclaimed, "Is that the Kidnapped Can Opener?" Mr Pink is a celebrity. :) The KCO wondered why there was lamb being cooked up so close to the barn. Wouldn't that have disturbed the inhabitants?

Inside however the kebabs on the hoof were quietly resting when not being
shown. Mr Pink took in the Pygora goat judging and observed the different
animals from whom we harvest fiber. One fellow had brought a pair of
Bactrian camels (two humpers) which are endangered in their native land.
He was amused by the KCO. On the way back, we ran into Lynell and Linda of
Rowan Tree Woolery. I had swapped my Majacraft Suzie for a Louet S-15 and
had left them with the wheel. Mr Pink wanted a picture with them. Of
course I obliged.

We left in the late afternoon, tired and hungry. He got to ride in the Bright Red Bug and commune with Hula Girl on the dash. I took him to The Barley Mill, one of the many brewpubs owned by the McMenamin brothers. I ordered an IPA (their own brew) and we pronounced it perfect with the burger. He received a coaster as a

Tomorrow is choir practice in Salem with Confluence.

Friday, September 21, 2007


OK kids, since I am not smart enough to figger out how to upload all of your pictures, please feel free to join our brand spanking new flickr group here!

Upload all the pictures you have of Mr. Pink to the group, and spread the word!

We promise there will be updates soon. Certain Someone has been knitting her hands to the bone for OFF and the Head Kidnapper has been dating a new man (but we won't hold that against her) so she's a little pre-occupied.

We have not yet begun Mr. Pink's journey! This weekend will be his first foray into the hands of someone NOT living in Washington stay tuned!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Burning Man, Rosh Hashanah and a Harlot

What a title, huh? :)

We've got Burning Man pix to post soon, but if you're itchin' to check out how much havoc Mr. Pink wreaked in Black Rock City, go check out Tivity's post about his antics here.

Meanwhile, Mr. Pink is travelling today to visit Karen somewhere in Western Washington for Rosh Hashanah dinner, and then Friday is scheduled to possibly see the Harlot.

And you can bet your bottom dollar that we'll try and get his pic taken with Stephanie. Fo' sho.

ALSO! If you are one of those lurkers, wanting to play but thinking there's no room, we have plenty of room! Come on down, send the Head Kidnap Queen an email, and play along at home!

Friday, September 7, 2007

We are still here. And Mr. Pink is still alive.

Hi kidnappers!

Things have been a little crazy in both headquarters of this bi-coastal operation, but things are still running smoothly.

Mr. Pink is back from Burning Man, and I think he might have taken another trip while he was away, but now he's on his way south to attend some festivities, and then the whole "leaving Washington State" thing goes on its way.

We still have room for more kidnappers, and we are trying to get through more emails today!

Happy friday everyone!