Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Mr. Pink with FiberQat

Another update from the FiberQat...sounds like a busy couple of days!

Day 2
Those of us in the vicinity of Mr Pink have realized that he has been sorely neglected. His social skills are much to be put up with so we have put it upon ourselves to expose him to social situations that will help him learn to become a much more acceptable member of society.

Sunday was chorus rehearsal day. When he heard he was going to have to listen to a chorus, Mr Pink groaned, indicating that he didn't want anything to do with church or anything like that. We assured him that the chorus he would be listening to was not a church chorus but a community chorus that liked to have a lot of fun and laughs. It turns out that Mr Pink is a budding percussionist and got into the rhythm of many of the songs. He was excited to learn that he was going to be touring with them the next weekend. After an exhausting rehearsal, we settled down to an evening of watching Mike Rowe's Dirty Jobs.

Day 3
Mr Pink discovered that his captor works a desk job in a cubicle farm. "Much like a utensil drawer!" he commented. "Where are the whisks and the bottle opener?" Seeing that he could jump in and out of the cubicle, his captor put the sheep in charge of Mr Pink while she got down to the business at hand. While the boss is away, the mice certainly can't play.

Day 4
We discover that Mr Pink has been playing video poker on line in the night while we have been asleep. This did not please the captor, so Mr Pink went with her to the dentist. "See these tools? They can go through enamel like nothing! Think what they could do to you!" Mr Pink was sulky. "I was ahead forty three bucks," he whined. "I could have bought you some yarn." "There are better ways of earning yarn money," we said. "Powell's Books takes in used books for sale." At the sight of Powell's Mr Pink sighed. He wondered if there were volumes on the history of kitchen utensils with glossy pictures. "I've always loved the lines of a wall-mounted Swing-A-Way," he murmured.

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MonicaPDX said...

Not an official kidnapper here, but if anyone wants to see a few more pix of Mr. Pink at OFFF, I have some on my blog entry for the 25th:

If you're on dial-up, sorry; lots of other pix and it's a humongous post, even with the pix optimized. You have to scroll way down to see Mr. Pink. The first of his two pix is right after the big one of the harpist. (I'd direct you to my gallery pages, but those would probably take just as long to load...)

It was a great honor to meet Mr. Pink, though - even if he was rather, er, forward. [g]