Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Mr. Pink at OFFF

Apparently ladies and germs, we have a celebrity on our hands. People recognizing Mr. Pink in the wild? Seriously. With paparazzi and everything.

Check out the Sunday report from his current captor, FiberQat:

I have posted pics of the KCO in my album at http://s28.photobucket.com/albums/c205/duffysan/OFFF/
The other Knitbloggers have photos as well.

Today's jaunt through OFFF started with meeting up with the PDX Knitbloggers, a group based in Portland OR which is composed of blogging knitters. I had left to reap the bounty of OFFF but heard from my buds that the KCO had arrived. I headed back then to fetch the KCO who was cooking in the sun. It had had a tiring
morning so it took time to rest in some of the roving I had picked up.

After some time spent chatting, spinning, and resting up for the next jaunt, the KCO and I headed for the barns. One knitter spotted the KCO and exclaimed, "Is that the Kidnapped Can Opener?" Mr Pink is a celebrity. :) The KCO wondered why there was lamb being cooked up so close to the barn. Wouldn't that have disturbed the inhabitants?

Inside however the kebabs on the hoof were quietly resting when not being
shown. Mr Pink took in the Pygora goat judging and observed the different
animals from whom we harvest fiber. One fellow had brought a pair of
Bactrian camels (two humpers) which are endangered in their native land.
He was amused by the KCO. On the way back, we ran into Lynell and Linda of
Rowan Tree Woolery. I had swapped my Majacraft Suzie for a Louet S-15 and
had left them with the wheel. Mr Pink wanted a picture with them. Of
course I obliged.

We left in the late afternoon, tired and hungry. He got to ride in the Bright Red Bug and commune with Hula Girl on the dash. I took him to The Barley Mill, one of the many brewpubs owned by the McMenamin brothers. I ordered an IPA (their own brew) and we pronounced it perfect with the burger. He received a coaster as a

Tomorrow is choir practice in Salem with Confluence.

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MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

Lucky Mr. Pink. I can't load the pix (must be the computer nazis at work), but I wanna ride in the Bright Red Bug!!!