Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Rules And Regulations

Hi fellow kidnappers!

You knew there would have to be some semblance of order here - can't just have the Kidnapped Can Opener (KCO) flying willy-nilly about the globe, now can we?

Don't you worry though - as long as you're not destroying or breaking the KCO, we don't care what you do with it. Just as long as you "obey" the following suggestions:
  1. The KCO can only stay with you for a short amount of time, unless you request a longer stay (i.e. The KCO will be attending Burning Man this year, and will be there for approximately a week). We're thinking of limiting "visits" to 3-5 days, depending on the location.
  2. You must take a photo of the KCO while it is in your possession. (Multiple photos are OK. Video would be funny too...YouTube anyone? :) Canoodling with your domestic kitchen utensils, bound and gagged, enjoying a wedding, or submerged in a pint (although, that's a waste of beer!), or learning to surf...whatever you can come up with. We'll make a Flickr group and make sure everyone can enjoy the KCO's adventures. (We'll post them here, too.) Maybe we'll even find a photo album and send that along with the KCO? That may be a good idea...
  3. You must send a postcard/picture to Mr. Man (the ex) outlining where the KCO is now. His address and all the information you'll need will be in the package sent along with the KCO. We are trusting each and every one of you to BE NICE. He is not the enemy, we are trying to make him laugh. And cheer up that Certain Someone.
  4. Have fun. Take it to the grocery store, the beach, the backyard, wherever you can think of. No location is too odd or mundane. If YOU are having fun, WE are having fun.
  5. Please make sure you leave a little something-something in the box with the KCO. A little bottle of sand, a photo for the photo album, a can opener cozy, a mini plastic Statue of Liberty. Whatever you can come up with is AWESOME. We're going to toss in a couple of items to get you started (Seattle-type souvernirs, a disposable camera, stamps, etc). Please make sure that you only take what you need, and if you use the last of something, email us as soon as you can so we can send out replacements.

Thanks for joining us, and post us on your blog! Email us to your friends! Make this a really fun time for all involved.

We might even have prizes. :)

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